North West Fire Protection Limited: passive fire protection



We are a company that installs passive fire protection using cable coating, fire walls and fire barriers. The company specifically installs the KBS Fire Protection System, which provides a means of COMPARTMENTATION to achieve effective fire protection. Compartmentation of buildings ensures that the fire is contained within the section of the building where the fire started.



Cable Penetrations (via cabling, cable bundles & cable trays)

Cabling that penetrates walls provides fire access from one section of a building to another. The penetration requires sealing to restore the compartmentation. Mineral wool panels are used to seal the penetration, which are then coated with the KBS fire protective coating. The cabling is also coated for at least 500mm on either side of the penetration.


Cable Coating

Cabling is coated with KBS fire protective coating for specific lengths of cabling, within a compartment or building, as and when required by the fire safety officer.


Fire Walls/Barriers

Fire walls/barriers are installed in cable tunnels. The barriers will require the fitting of fire doors to enable free access. A supporting framework at a suitable section of the cable tunnel is erected. Mineral wool panels are fixed to the framework and sprayed with KBS fire protective coating.


Finally, a 60/60 fire rated door is fitted into the framework to achieve full compartmentation giving the barrier a fire resistance rating of 1 hour.









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