General Statement


It is the policy of North West Fire Protection to recognise and accept its management responsibilities as an employer to prevent injury and ensure a healthy, safe working environment for all its employees. The company also accepts its statutory duties to conduct its undertaking in such a way so as to ensure that persons not in its employment, who may be affected by its working activities, are not exposed to risks to their health and safety.




Management Responsibilities


Mr. David John O’Brien has overall responsibility for health, safety and welfare, and will ensure that the policy is properly implemented, monitored and periodically reviewed, in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions.


The company will take all reasonable practicable steps to meet these responsibilities paying particular attention to the provisions and maintenance of:



a) plant, equipment and systems of work


b) safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of equipment and materials


c) sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision


d) safe place of work and access


e) a healthy working environment


f) adequate facilities for welfare at work


g) protective clothing and equipment.




Employee/Subcontractor Responsibilities


It is equally the duty of every employee/subcontractor whilst at work to:



a) take care of their own and other persons health and safety

b) co-operate with the employer in fulfilling its obligations.


Failure to observe these duties may lead to disciplinary action.